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Lleyton! Right, lets get down to it. I love the guy. He rocks. He has been my favourite tennis player since forever, his enthusiasm on the court shows on each and every point, whether that be a 'Championship point' or Point 1 of Set 1 of Game 1 of Round 1.

He is very passionate and always manages to get the crowd riled up. Though he doesn't always manage to convince the entire crowd to support him, they are always involved and make the match that much more enjoyable. He also manages to get the commentators riled up, which is often hilarious.

I think he shows great sportsmanship in his games, whilst still showing respect for the other player - although as with every player this is not always the case! My favourite Lleyton Hewitt match was in Wimbledon 2005.

Hewitt vs Dent. I always thought Dent to be a bit of an oddball - he's been injured for ages now - but back then he could not serve at all. Not for anything. He'd always end up having to use his second serve which I swear was miles better than his first. It annoyed the hell out of Lleyton. All that waiting around ... like Soderling's match against Rafa this year, for God Sake's boy, if you don't want to have to spend all match pulling underwear out of your butt, do not insist on wearing a thong! (That last part was merely speculation of course, but I definately think it's plausible.)

Anyway, the reason that this match was my favourite was because about half-way through Lleyton started arguing with the umpire, saying that a ball of his that had been called out was in. He was right, and eventually the linesman changed his mind. Dent then walked up to the umpire and said (not exactly verbatum) 'If you're gonna change your mind, fine, but don't do it just beause he's being bitchy' !!!! Hilarious.

Yes, I'm shallow. Yes, I laugh at mundane jokes. Whatever. It made my day.

On to Lleyton's personal life now I think. First there was Kim, now there is Bec. I prefer Bec. Starred in Home and Away as Hayley (my third favourite character after Tasha and Flynn of course) and back in the day (the day being the late 90s, early 00s - I don't really know) there was an ongoing feud between the Hayley and Gypsey fans. Well, I hated Gypsey.

So, I'm very happy for Lleyton that he managed to find Bec - even though the circumstances appeared to have been a little dodgy, what with Lleyton being with Kim and Bec being engaged to Beau Brady - but still! They now have a beautiful baby girl, and I wish him all the luck in the world for future tournaments.

Stop the young blood from getting in now I say, and back to the good old rivalries! Let Andy, Lleyton and Roger get through to the semis next year, along with someone really unexpected, i.e. not Nadal, and I'll be super happy.

Just to clarify I've nothing against Rafa, but either he or Roger will have to go soon. It's like Tennis stalemate.

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(Gotta love it. James Bond-esque)

Clare xx